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Operations Management

Everbright Water adheres to the principle of "safe production with compliant discharge". As such, it maintained stable daily operations of projects and complied with relevant standards strictly.

In first half of 2021, following the country's goals of "Peaking Carbon Dioxide Emissions" and "Achieving Carbon Neutrality", Everbright Water rolled out a pilot programme at its projects to optimise waste water treatment plants' energy structure. In addition, the Company participated in the pilot programme which was launched by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC in relation to monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions. This is expected to facilitate the Company's exploration of energy optimisation and carbon emissions reduction for waste water treatment plants. Additionally, the Company cooperated with its partners to participate in market-based electricity transactions in Jiangsu and Shandong Provinces, which has significantly reduced the electricity cost.

Everbright Water possesses a set of qualifications relating to project operation, including the municipal waste water grade 1A and industrial waste water grate 1A under the "Qualification for Operation of Environmental Pollution Control Facilities". Separately, the Company has a comprehensive team of professional personnel with rich experience in operations management.