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Community Engagement

As an environmental protection enterprise, we are keen to play a pivotal role in environmental protection by leveraging our technology, resources and talents. Our employees actively participated in activities such as National Popularization of Science Day, World Water Day and World Environment Day to promote advanced technology in environmental protection technology and raise the public awareness on environmental protection.

Latest Updates

Everbright Water Staff Zhang Yue Receives Second Prize at the “Narrators for Ecology and Environment” Competition by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC
The final round of the 2021 “Narrators for Ecology and Environment” competition was held recently. As one of the participants in the final competition, Everbright Water staff Zhang Yue impressed the audience through his excellent performance by showing them how technological innovation has been playing a significant role in reducing pollution and emissions, supporting the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, and protecting biodiversity.
Everbright Water launched a series of environmental protection promotion activities to celebrate the World Environment Day 2021
In celebration of the 50th World Environment Day in 2021, Everbright Water planned and launched the science popularisation lectures and handicraft competitions for kids that are themed with “Joint Efforts towards Blue Planet”, through online and offline platforms.
Everbright Water Launched Environmental Protection Charitable Activities in Celebration of World Water Day and China Water Week in 2021
Project companies under Everbright Water actively held local environmental protection charitable activities of various types to encourage human being to live in harmony with water and nature, in celebration of the World Water Day and China Water Week in 2021.
Everbright Water Supported the Most Beautiful Urban Management Officers Event to Fulfill Corporate Responsibility
Everbright Water’s project company in Zibo City executed the launch of 2020 Most Beautiful Urban Management Officers Award Ceremony, as part of the 26th Sanitation Workers’ Day in Shandong Province, in and attempt to enhance its relations with the local government authorities and communities, as well as to fulfill its social responsibility.
Everbright Water organised Environmental Protection-themed Poetry Webcast Contest in Celebrating of the World Environment Day 2020
In celebration of the upcoming World Environment Day 2020, Everbright Water launched an online environmental protection-themed poetry contest. With more than 200 poems were submitted for the contest, with 20 of them were shortlisted for the final round of the contest and displayed via short videos.
Everbright Water launched a series of environmental protection promotion activities in celebration of the 2020 World Water Day and China Water Week
As the 2020 World Water Day was close, Everbright Water had seen its projects that are located in 50 cities and regions across China organize online activities to promote environmental protection, supplemented by offline activities.